Leslie Ayre

LaVerne "Buster" Ayre

Brian Ayre




Over 69 years ago Ayre Excavating was first formed under the name of "Leslie Ayre & Son Excavating & Trucking". Leslie Ayre originated and was the sole owner and operator of the trucking and excavating business. His son LaVerne "Buster" Ayre worked for him during his high school years and after serving in the U.S. Army, where he was stationed in Korea for three years. Buster returned to Clinton in 1967 and worked in the business with his father and later purchased it from him. Leslie Ayre later retired and died at the age of 72, in 1986. Buster continued developing and operating the business until his death at age 43, in 1988.  Brian Ayre son of LaVerne "Buster" Ayre was 9 when his father passed away unable to continue the business, so in 1989 Leslie Ayre & Son Excavating and Trucking assets and land was sold in an auction on March 4th.

Brian Ayre graduated from Poplar Grove High School and then went on to college at the Universal Technical Institute majoring in diesel mechanics. He then worked for John Deere as a mechanic for one year. Following that we worked for different contractors focusing on the earthwork responsibilities. After years of hard work and saving his money he purchased a excavator, dump truck, and skid steer. Ayre Excavating was then formed in 2000.

Since then Ayre Excavating has brought on 8 full time employees and is now one of the statelines premier excavation companies.